Talstar Professional Insecticide

Talstar Pro Insecticide -
Professional Exterminators Most Trusted Multi-Insecticide

Talstar Pro

Liquid Insecticide

1. Multi-purpose insecticide targeting and killing over
75 insect pests.

2. Long-lasting residual effect enduring up to 3 months
after initial application.

3. Tough on insect pests and easy on everything else.


Talstar Pro Liquid Insecticide (aka Talstar One, Talstar P and Talstar Pro) is a residual insecticides that lasts up to three months. It is an odorless, no stain residual that dries on clear and does not break down easily from precipitation.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Talstar Pro

  • Long Lasting Residual For Up To 3 Months
  • Kills Over 75 Insect Pests
  • Virtually Odorless
  • Dries On Clear With No Visible Residue - Will Not Leave Stains
  • Will Not Break Down Easily With Rain

Talstar Professional Insecticide

Talstar Insecticide is now one of the most trusted and most used insecticides by pest control management companies and homeowners all over the United States. It is a multi-insecticide that is formulated with the active ingredient, Bifenthrin, that targets over 75 insects pests. Talstar P can be used for both indoor and outdoor control including food handling areas, on turn, on ornamental plants, as a perimeter treatment, or even as a broadcast treatment. Talstar Pro also works for termite control. It is virtually odorless, dries on clear without leaving any stains, does not irritate the skin, and will not break down with rain. With Talstar, you can be confident that you will get the job done because Talstar One provides the most superior and long lasting control. With over 75 target pests and multiple use-sites, Talstar Pro is the most effective product for general pest control. Take control of your insect pest infestations today using Talstar’s Liquid Insecticide.